Rontis, being a leader in the pediatrics field for a number of years identified the need of skin care for infants and babies. After extensive research and clinical studies Rontis successfully developed its range of dermaceutical products branded as Novalou & Novatopia. The range is specifically designed and studied to deal with the various needs of infants, babies and young children fully responding to the functional qualities of baby products.

Rontis, always staying true to its philosophy, collaborates closely with Universities & University hospitals in order to deliver the most innovative solutions to healthcare professionals and parents. With the Novalou and Novatopia specialty product ranges, Rontis is in the position to address all the needs in the field of pediatric dermatology.


Rontis, having quality as one of the main pillars of its philosophy, guarantees the quality of its dermaceutical product ranges.

The Novalou and Novatopia series of products are produced in the European Union in accordance with GMP and 76/768/EEC Counsil Directive related to cosmetic products.

Rontis constantly works closely with University hospitals’ accredited laboratories, as well as distinguished scientists (dermatologists, pediatricians, biologists, chemists) in order to keep its specialty products up to date with European Quality requirements and to constantly improve and increase it’ s product ranges.

Novalou Baby Care, Novalou Sun Care and Novatopia series of products are dermatologically and clinically tested as well as hypoallergenic


Initially, Rontis developed the ‘Novalou Baby Care’ range, which is a set of daily use specialty dermaceutical products. These products have certain common characteristics. They clean without irritating or drying the skin, they do not alter the skin ph and they provide natural anti-microbic agents, which contribute to the avoidance of microbe and fungous infections, without affecting the skin natural flora.

By addressing infants, babies and young children’ s daily needs, Rontis developed further two more product ranges for specialized usage.

The Novalou Sun Care range is a product offering especially designed to protect infants, babies & young children from the sun. They have a special formulation that protects and hydrates the sensitive skin of infants & babies against the sun.

The Novatopia range is especially designed for the holistic treatment of very dry, sensitive and atopic skin. The innovative composition of the Novatopia products is based on their active ingredients that restore the skin health. This range of products, restores the epidermal barrier, adjusts the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), strengthens the defense of the skin and stimulates the production of anti-microbic agents.

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