Rontis, after a long period of successful presence in the field of pediatrics, has introduced in the market the innovative range of infant and baby nutrition products: Rontamil. Our product have already helped thousands of families provide their infants & babies the most complete nutrition during the crucial – for their development – first months and years of the little ones’ lives. Our vision is to become a specialty nutrition company that helps parents nurture the most important part of their lives and the future of our world.

And so… life begins.

Additionally after being a leader in the pediatrics field for a number of years we identified the need of skin care for infants and babies.

After extensive research and clinical studies Rontis successfully developed its range of dermaceutical and OTC products, Novalou, Novatopia, Nasalou. Rontis, always staying true to its philosophy, collaborates closely with Universities and Hospitals in order to deliver the most innovative solutions to both Healthcare professionals and parents.


Quality is one of the main pillars of Rontis philosophy and as such we guarantee the premium quality of our Consumer Healthcare product range. Both the Novalou and the Novatopia range are produced in the European Union in accordance with GMP and European Council Directives related to cosmetic products. Rontis constantly works closely with University Hospitals, as well as with distinguished scientists in order to keep its specialty products up to date with the European Quality requirements and to constantly improve and enrich its product ranges. Novalou Baby Care, Novalou Sun Care and Novatopia products are dermatologically tested as well as hypoallergenic.

The manufacturing facilities of our Rontamil products meet the standards set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), Codex Standards for Foods for Special Dietary Uses including foods for infants and children and Related Code of Hygienic Practice. Furthermore, the manufacturing facilities are certified according to the requirements and criteria for HACCP-certification with respect to the developing, mixing and packaging of food for infants and young children, vitamin and mineral premixes and milk powders. The manufacturing facilities are also certified according to the Good Manufacturing Practices and according to the standards for organic products. Our products are released and distributed only on the basis of validated, measured product quality and validated, monitored production systems. Each of the raw materials that we use in Infant, Follow on and Growing up formula has defined specifications and expected quality for infant nutrition. Our suppliers are approved through a validation procedure. Quality controls include different parameters (physical, chemical, microbiological etc.) in order to guarantee the sanitary quality of our raw materials and their compliance with the expected specifications and properties.


Rontis offers the most premium choices when it comes to nutrition for infants and babies, when breastfeeding is not applied or/and for those that were born through a caesarian section. With the advanced and innovative mix of pro & pre-biotics (synbiotic), Rontamil is the optimum choice, given the fact that it reinforces the immune system of the infant, it reduces the diarrhea incidents and it prevents allergies.

Rontis is focusing on developing specialized types of infant formulas destined to treat certain gastrointestinal disorders such as infantile colic, constipation and regurgitation that infants and babies can develop in the first years of their lives. Our mission is the treatment of those disorders through nutrition. Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions for healthcare professionals in their daily practice whether this is the hospital, the clinic, the private practice or the pharmacy.

Developed by Rontis Corporation, Rontamil is a premium infant and baby nutrition product range that prides itself on quality and innovation. Since its introduction, the range has distinguished itself with its special formulas (Rontamil Tr, Ronamil ac, Rontamil AR) for infants with sensitivities, and its formulas’ inclusion of synbiotic, an advanced blend that brings Rontamil ‘a step closer’ to breast milk.

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Throughout our history, our constant research and investments into the development of powerful brands focused on infants, babies and children, led to Rontis Derma & OTC Portfolio.

Novalou and Novatopia dermaceutical brands were specially designed and studied to deal with the various needs of babies and young children, fully responding to the unique characteristics of baby’s delicate & atopic skin.

Novalou daily & sun care products
• Clean and care without irritating or drying the skin
• They do not alter the skin pH
• They provide natural antimicrobial agents, which contribute to the prevention of microbial infections, without affecting the skin normal flora
Rontis complemented the Novalou range with two specialized products, designed for the holistic care of very dry, sensitive and atopic skin. The innovative formulation of Novatopia is based on active ingredients that restore the skin health.

Novatopia specialized care products
• Restore the epidermal barrier
• Adjust the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)
• Strengthen the defense of the skin
• Stimulate the production of antimicrobial agents
Following the development of the dermaceutical brands of Novalou and Novatopia, Rontis, always committed to providing an exceptional complete line of products, was focused on nasal hygiene.

The Nasalou nasal aspirator with sterile tips was specially designed for use in the nostrils of newborns, babies and toddlers.  It helps prevent and relieve cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and secretion, flu processes and symptoms of allergies.

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