Rontis Hemodialysis division was founded by people who understand better than anyone else the real needs of renal patients. Our Dialysis Center guarantee high quality dialysis services under the signature of Rontis and Fresenius Medical Care capital equipment.

Our Dialysis Center

Currently Rontis operates one Hemodialysis Center established in 2004 in Loutraki, Greece.

What we offer

Rontis Hemodialysis clinic in Loutraki, Greece is equipped with 28 dialysis machines and accommodates currently 90 repeated patients. During year 2013 the number of dialyses to be performed is estimated to reach the number of 14.400. Loutraki is a wonderful summer resort, only 81km away from Athens city center. It is situated at a 4500 complex with gardens, private parking spaces and has a panoramic view of the Corinthian gulf.

The clinic’s waiting lounge is comfortable and visitors can relax either by listening to music or by watching television, while the clinic’s bar serves a great variety of best quality snacks, coffees and refreshments.

All dialysis machines that equip the Rontis Dialysis Clinics are produced by the global leader in the specific sector Fresenius Medical Care.

Rontis is committed to serving renal patients with the greatest responsibility and professionalism. Patients are able to choose between dialysis beds or chairs; each of them is equipped with private telephone and personal earphones for watching television in total silence. Patients can attach every electronic device they want since there is electrical supply allocated to every dialysis position. As a result, patients can take advantage of their spare time during dialysis either for pleasure or for business.

The secretarial staff of Rontis clinics is available for sending or receiving faxes, emails on behalf of patients during their dialysis time in total privacy.

Rontis Dialysis Centers offer distinctive services to their visitors including:

rontis-bulletOrganizing the transportation of patients and their families to and from the near-by airport upon request

rontis-bulletOrganizing patient accommodation working in close cooperation with the majority of hotels in the region

rontis-bulletOrganizing tours to the sights of historic interest around the region

rontis-bulletActs as the point of contact for patients and families during their stay

In the modern facilities that are characterized by friendly atmosphere, the patients and their families enjoy luxurious services.

Safety & Responsibility

The core belief of Rontis Healthcare Services is patient safetyand wellbeing. To this end, Rontis Hemodialysis offers its high quality dialysis services to renal patients in a professional and caring environment equipped with the highest standards from equipment point of view. This allows Rontis’ patients to take full advantage of their dialysis time either for pleasure or for business.

Rontis Dialysis Center is constructed by people who know better than everyone else the real needs of kidney patients and guarantee high quality dialysis services under the signature ofRontis and Fresenius Medical Care.

rontis-bulletReverse osmosis water treatment

rontis-bulletLow flux and high flux polysulfone dialyzers

rontis-bulletBicarbonate dialysis solutions

rontis-bulletSterilization of machines between shifts

rontis-bulletNo filter reuse

Rontis Healthcare Services division cares about the safety of patientsand therefore ensures that all necessary precautionary measuresare being taken responsibly to this direction:

rontis-bulletCentral oxygen supply available to each dialysis position

rontis-bulletElectricity generator in case of power failure

rontis-bulletRontis serves patients positive in hepatitis B in separate room with separate dialysis machines and patients positive in hepatitis C in separate machines

rontis-bulletRontis cannot serve patients positive in HIV

rontis-bulletEmergency unit and private ambulance is available around the clock

Rontis nephrologists remain in the unit during the haemodialysis procedure and are available 24 hours a day either for a simple advice or for an emergency case. The nursing personnel is polite and professional and has long experience in dialysis. It was chosen after strict controls and receives continuous theoretical and practical training on behalf of Rontis Healthcare Services.